20. Sep, 2018

Serious Sam The First Encounter Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Mp4

Serious Sam: The First Encounter Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Mp4 ->>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

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original title: Serious Sam: The First Encounter

genge: Action,Comedy,Horror

imdb: 7.9

budget: $200,000

keywords: gatlinggun, timetravel, sniperrifle, shotgun, rocketlauncher, gun, egypt, blood, alien, alieninvasion, characternameintitle

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Rated M for Strong Violence,Blood,Gore and Some Language.

I got Serious Sam 1 and 2 as well as State Of Emergency all for $14.99!.Pretty cheap price!.State Of Emergency was a pretty disappointing fighting game but the three games are worth it just for Serious Sam 1 and 2.Serious Sam 1 is a fairly good first person shooter game.Its like Duke Nukem 3D.Its an ultra violent FPS game where you kill monsters but it also has plenty of funny one-liners.The graphics in the game are very good.The game takes place in Egypt and the Egyptian atmosphere is excellent.The gun graphics are great as well.Being an FPS game there are plenty of good guns to choose from,plenty of baddies to brutally murder and some puzzles to solve.Serious Sam The First Encounter is a fairly good game and its worth buying for the cheap price tag it has!It also has some funny references to movies like Singing In The Rain.Great Game.

8/10 This game, released in 2001 has great visuals, excellent graphics, pretty good job, excellent sound effects and that kind of stuff. It really does, the concept for levels (aka worlds) is also good, it's very lively and cheerful. But... overall, it's ridiculous. This game has no story at all, not even close. No story, no soul, no structure, no good voice acting, nothing. It has silly weapons, funny-looking enemies (though some of them were not that bad), and no meaning. The gameplay is dumb, you are firing from your weapons like there's no tomorrow, at the endless hordes of enemies... it's fun at first, but after a minute or two, it gets tiring and boring. What's the point here? What's the point in the game to shoot endlessly in dumb looking enemies and other entities? Well, you can't go to the next room, or stage until you kill all of them, and for that, it might take some time... I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone, because it has no sense at all... But if you want to waste your time, just to speed up things... there you go... play it.


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